Vacation Videos

Part 1 – Flying to Toronto via Calgary

If aerial footage bores you, skip this one.  Here we have about twenty minutes of scenery from all over Canada, plus some cool take-off and landing footage that I snuk when the flight attendants had told everyone to turn everything off and put everything away.


Part 2 – Toronto

It would have been nice to have a little more time around Toronto, but in my few days there the CN Tower was on my ‘must see’ list.  When i was up there in August, that was the last month the tower held on to it’s record as the tallest free-standing structure on Earth.  The Burj Dubai is now taller, and not even finished yet.


Part 3 – Wonderland

Being a roller coaster enthusiast, going here was like a pilgrimage to Mecca for me.  One and a half days riding the rides and I still wanted more!


Part 4 – Fredericton

The Dude finally visits Dude.


Part 5 – P.E.I.

My first road trip on the East coast, and some fishing!


Part 6 – Bikes & Bugs


Part 7 – Cape Breton Island, N.S.


Part 8 – Coolest daytrip ever

A mind boggling look into the inner workings of an old hydro-electric damn near Fredericton.  We took a tour and went places I thought nobody was allowed…


Part 9 – St. Andrews


Part 10 – Flying Home

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